Shandong Jiaming precision sheet metal co., ltd. has advanced precision sheet metal processing equipment, professional sheet metal engineering design team, as well as a full-time trained technician team; With the professional quality of precision sheet metal processing industry, we can provide you with the ideal sheet metal processing scheme, and provide comprehensive technical services for your sheet metal parts production.

    The company has introduced high power 2200w high power CO squat laser cutter. 2500W high-power German IPG fiber laser cutting equipment; CNC bending machine; CNC turret punch; Imported plasma cutting machine; CNC plate shearing machine and rocker arm drill, CO2 protection welding, argon arc welding machine, Germany tocks riveting machine, flat spot welding machine, stud welding machine and other precision sheet metal equipment, the company has strong technical force, a wide range of processing, high processing precision, suitable for a variety of precision requirements of the pilot production and batch processing of products.

    The company's business involves medical, communications, electrical, hardware machinery, automation equipment, environmental protection equipment, commercial catering equipment and other industries in the application of various cases, cabinets, commercial equipment and other types of precision sheet metal processing, template customization; As well as CNC punching shear, laser cutting, digital air bending, riveting and welding molding, surface grinding, wire drawing and polishing and other types of sheet metal products, detection means is perfect, there is a whole set of quality assurance system to ensure that customers to provide satisfactory products and services.