Analysis of economic benefits of sheet metal processing industry

2018-12-12 08:53:20

At present, from the overall point of view, China's sheet metal processing economic benefits are good, the operating profit of many enterprises in the industry are more than 20%. Sheet metal processing industry, mainly for the automobile, shipbuilding, precision machine tools, precision instruments, communications electronics and elevator industry such as distribution processing, and most of the partners is a great company of foreign (GE, BOSCH, OTIS), along with the further deepen cooperation, learn from the advanced technologies, processes, and strict and standard production environment, production process management experience, to be able to make the localization of key components and key technology step by step, the corresponding key components reduces the foreign capital enterprise procurement from abroad, and reduces the production cost of manufacturing enterprises.

At the same time, this way can also do supporting processing for domestic manufacturing enterprises, but also enable them to obtain key production technology, so as to improve the product performance of domestic manufacturing enterprises. At present domestic high precision sheet metal processing enterprises is not too much, in a certain area for the development of sheet metal processing industry, the manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to provide perfect supporting processing services, can not only high mechanical manufacturing enterprise's overall development, can also drive the regional economy in the region, to realize the new span also guaranteed the economic benefits of enterprises.

With China becoming more and more an overseas processing and manufacturing center, and the increasing foreign investment, the demand for metal processing capacity is increasing, and the metal processing industry in the electrical control box, machine shell and other general are sheet metal parts, so sheet metal processing capacity demand is also rising. In addition, for sheet metal processing, sheet metal processing enterprises usually need a variety of mechanical equipment to meet different process requirements, and sheet metal punching accuracy is generally around + / - 0.1mm, bending accuracy can generally reach + / - 0.5mm, so compared with sheet metal processing, the accuracy is much lower. Therefore, the technical progress of the industry has also brought high profits, such as sheet metal processing in the stamping profit margin can generally reach about 30%, and laser cutting profit is up to more than 50%.

Industry profit level and fluctuating trend

Overall, the profit level of sheet metal processing industry mainly depends on product quality and processing precision, products and value-added services, downstream user enterprises and upstream raw material prices. Therefore, in the future, as the technical content of products in the industry is getting higher and higher, the impact of raw material price fluctuations on products is gradually reduced, and the trend of profit level changes in the industry is getting better.

At the same time, the future profit level change trend mainly depends on the product quality and precision, value-added services and downstream customer industries and other factors. Enterprises with strong technical strength, customer resource advantage and management advantage in the industry will gain a higher profit level in the fierce competition in the future.