CNC bending machine

2018-12-11 17:18:55

CNC bending machine is equipped with a mold (general or special mold) under the cold state of the metal plate bending into a variety of geometric cross-section shape of the workpiece. It is a sheet metal forming machine designed for cold rolled sheet metal processing, widely used in automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, container, elevator, railway vehicles and other industries plate bending processing.

Bending machine is equipped with use of mould (general) or special die under cold sheet metal bending into various shapes of cross section of the workpiece, bending machine generally adopt special CNC bending machine system, the axis of a bending machine has been developed from single to 12 shaft, shaft development can be controlled by nc system to achieve the slider running depth, slider, tilt adjustment, after the stopper around before and after the adjustment, adjustment, pressure tonnage adjustment and slider to converge speed regulation and so on. The bending machine can easily realize sliding block downward, point, continuous, pressure retaining, return and stop in the middle of the action, a feeding to complete the same Angle or different angles of multi-bend bending.

[operation method]

1. Firstly, turn on the power supply, turn on the switch on the control panel, and then start the oil pump, so that you can hear the rotation sound of the oil pump, but the machine does not perform the action at this time.

2, stroke adjustment, use must pay attention to adjust the stroke, must be tested before bending. Its upper die down to the bottom of the line must ensure that there is a plate thickness gap, otherwise it will cause damage to the mold machine, the adjustment of the stroke is also a rapid adjustment of electric.

3, bending groove selection, generally to choose the plate thickness of 8 times the width of the groove. If bending 4mm sheet metal, 32 or so grooves shall be selected.

4, after the material adjustment are generally electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning, with the method of plate shears.

5, step on the foot switch to start bending, CNC bending machine mold and shearing machine is different, you can always loosen, loosen the foot will stop, continue to step down.


The slider

Sliding block part: hydraulic transmission, sliding block part by sliding block, cylinder and mechanical block fine-tuning structure. The left and right cylinders are fixed on the rack, and the piston (rod) drives the slider up and down through the hydraulic pressure. The mechanical block is controlled and adjusted by the numerical control system.

The workbench

Table part: operated by the button box, the motor drives the baffle frame to move forward and backward, and the distance of movement is controlled by the numerical control system. The minimum reading is 0.01mm (both front and rear positions have limit of travel switch).

Synchronization system

Synchronous system: different from the common bending machine, the machine USES servo valve and grating ruler and other hydraulic devices to form a closed loop loop, so as to accurately control the bending machine's various actions.

Keep-off institutions

Baffle mechanism: the baffle is driven by motor, which drives the two screws to move synchronously through chain operation. The size of baffle is controlled by CNC system.

[precision of CNC bending machine]

CNC bending machine slider repeat accuracy is plus or minus 0.0004 inches, forming accurate Angle must use such precision and good mold. Manual bending machine slider repeat precision of + / - 0.002 inches, and under the condition of using appropriate mould generally produces the deviation of plus or minus 2 ~ 3 °. In addition, CNC bending machines are well prepared for rapid assembly, which is an indisputable reason to consider when you need to bend many small batches of parts.