CNC plate shears

2018-12-11 17:18:29

CNC cutting machine is generally the use of general or special computer to achieve digital program control, it usually controls the position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and the flow of mechanical energy related to the switch.

【 characteristics 】

Performance characteristics: forced positioning is accurate, worm gear and worm transmission, smooth rod and screw concentric, noiseless structure and features: steel plate welding structure, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, easy to operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance

The blade clearance adjustment is indicated by a sign, which is light and fast. Equipped with light alignment device and stepless adjustment of stroke of upper tool holder (optional)

Adopt fence type personal safety protection device

There is digital display device for the size and shearing times of the rear material

Hydraulic transmission, swing tool holder. The whole frame welding is strong and durable, using accumulator cylinder return, smooth and fast.

[CNC plate shears]

With the function of non-pole adjusting stroke, the clearance amount of upper and lower blade edge is adjusted by handle, and the uniformity of blade clearance is easy to be adjusted.

The protective gate is interlocked with the electrical to ensure safe operation.

CNC system and position encoder constitute a closed-loop control system, fast speed, high precision, good stability, can accurately ensure the size accuracy of the displacement of the rear material, at the same time the CNC system has a compensation function and automatic detection and other additional functions.

[operating procedures]

(I) work hard before work:

1. Before the empty operation test, a working stroke should be turned on manually before the equipment can be started.

2. For equipment with hydraulic device, check the oil storage tank for sufficient oil. After starting the oil pump, check whether the valve and pipeline leak, and the pressure should meet the requirements. Open the air valve to drain air from the system.

(II) conscientiously accomplish:

1, no shearing composite board, no trimming the edge of rough edge board, no shearing pressure is not tight narrow board and short material.

2, the gap between the knife plate should be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate, but not greater than 1/30 of the plate thickness. The knife plate should be firmly fastened, the upper and lower knife plate surface should be kept parallel, and manual turning inspection should be applied after adjustment to avoid accidents.

3. The edge of the blade shall be kept sharp. If the edge becomes dull or cracks, it shall be replaced in time.

4, shear, the pressure device should be firmly pressed the plate, not in the state of not tight pressure shear.

5. For equipment with hydraulic device, other hydraulic valves other than throttling and cutting are not allowed to be adjusted without permission.

6, for the hydraulic pendulum shear plate machine shear plate thickness, should be based on the "plate ultimate strength and thickness of the relationship between the curve" to determine.

(III) the upper cutter plate shall be placed in the lowest position after work.

[matters needing attention]

1. Carefully check whether all parts of the plate shears are normal, whether the electrical equipment is intact and whether the lubrication system is smooth before work; Clear the table and surrounding place tools, measuring tools and other sundries and corner waste.

2. Do not operate the plate shears by one person alone, but by 2-3 people for feeding, dimensional accuracy control and feeding, etc., and make sure that one person gives unified command.

3, according to the provisions of the thickness of the shear plate, adjust the scissors gap shear machine. Not allowed to cut two different specifications, different materials of the plate; Do not fold and cut. Shearing of the plate requires a smooth surface, not shearing can not compress the narrow plate.

4, the shear belt, flywheel, gear and shaft and other moving parts must be installed protective cover.

5. The operator of the plate cutting machine should keep at least 200mm away from the scissors mouth with his/her fingers feeding, and leave the compression device.

The protective fence placed on the trigger shears should not obstruct the operator's eyes from seeing the cut. After the operation of the waste has edges and corners, operators should promptly remove, to prevent stab wounds, cuts.